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PR is Content Distribution, not Press Release Re-publishing

There are many in the PR world who are clinging to an antiquated model of getting media results. They’ll tell you how your pitch must be structured, that you must have a Word doc attached, all sorts of things that worked in years past. Your number one job in PR is to make the editors job easy, and as we find younger journalists who are digitally savvy joining the senior ranks and coveted titles, the “old way” needs to be addressed.


Pitching with content is the most successful way to get placement, editors are hungry for rich media and on limited budgets. Creating great content for them that highlights your brand makes it much easier. A modern journalist would prefer an embed code in the body of your pitch instead of suspicious attachment with little substance. Now it us true you can get your press release republished in many places, but the most desirable media outlets don’t “copy/paste”, the crate original copy and offer their readers a product that is more unique and articulate with their own voice.

Media are familiar with using download links, especially if you’ve earned trust already and they know the link will be valid. That link can be a Dropbox folder full of product images with a range of angles available. A Press Kit might include product copy, charts or graphs you find relevant, infographics or even movie files for those titles that have their own player. Another consideration is using a hosting service like PitchEngine to store all of your assets and link to. There are several examples of software like this that editors trust and even subscribe to.

To find successful pick up on your product pitches, consider yourself in the editors shoes. What would make it easiest to access and arrange content in their blog or web CMS. If you do the work for them and include easy access to the assets they’ll want to use you get a much higher rate of placement and you organically steer the conversation because they’ll use your visuals.