First Tracks was founded with the principle that proper planning leads to a rewarding end goal. If you put in the work and stay true to the plan you can succeed. We know that marketing is scaleable, it can be scrappy or aggressive and produce results. Marketing fundamentals are the building blocks of new media, as the customer relationship develops we draw upon experience to offer solid solutions to your expose your product to the right audience.

Founder Adrian Montgomery has spent two decades in the Outdoor, Wintersport, Action Sport and Cycling industries creating go-to-market for many groundbreaking products from the worlds best brands. We know how to get results for our brands and have a track record of delivering them.



We offer campaign ideation and execution for any media destination. Whether it’s a new product or a product evolution, we create opportunity for brands to find their audience and deliver the message of differentiation which leads to consideration.


Placing your campaign in front of the target audience at their point of consumption is imperative. We deploy an integrated strategy for earned media influence, advertising and digital content. We can manage your entire campaign by offering a range of visual and copy assets. We can deploy the campaign on your behalf, plan and purchase all placements, while providing insights on campaign performance.

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Dig Deeper into your Stock Toolset before subscribing to a third party App

It’s a poor craftsman who blames their tools, and in the case of digital marketing on owned media I find many managers don’t look deep enough into their stock dashboards before opting to subscribe for third party apps for campaign management and reporting. While many third party apps like Buffer, HootSuite or AdEspresso have nice visuals on the front end, they are built on the framework of the media platform they manage. They add expense to managing media and there are many indicators that Facebook, Google and other actually demote content posted using these apps and give preference to posts done in-app on the desktop business …

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PR is Content Distribution, not Press Release Re-publishing

There are many in the PR world who are clinging to an antiquated model of getting media results. They’ll tell you how your pitch must be structured, that you must have a Word doc attached, all sorts of things that worked in years past. Your number one job in PR is to make the editors job easy, and as we find younger journalists who are digitally savvy joining the senior ranks and coveted titles, the “old way” needs to be addressed. Pitching with content is the most successful way to get placement, editors are hungry for rich media and on …

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