First Tracks was founded with the principle that proper planning leads to a rewarding end goal. If you put in the work and stay true to the plan you can succeed. We know that marketing is scaleable, it can be scrappy or aggressive and produce results. Marketing fundamentals are the building blocks of new media, as the customer relationship develops we draw upon experience to offer solutions that expose your product to the right audience.

Founder Adrian Montgomery has spent two decades in the Outdoor, Wintersport, Action Sport and Cycling industries creating go-to-market for many groundbreaking products from the worlds best brands. We know how to get results for our brands and have a track record of delivering them.



We offer campaign ideation and execution for any media destination. Whether it’s a new product or a product evolution, we create opportunity for brands to find their audience and deliver the message of differentiation which leads to consideration.


Placing your campaign in front of the target audience at their point of consumption is imperative. We deploy an integrated strategy for earned media influence, advertising and digital content. We can manage your entire campaign by offering a range of visual and copy assets. We can deploy the campaign on your behalf, plan and purchase all placements, while providing insights on campaign performance.

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Ski and Snowboard Apparel Maker Northwest Tech chooses First Tracks PR

What if you could design your own ski jacket and pants? What colors would you choose? What features matter most? Where would you like the pockets located? Northwest Tech offers custom ski and snowboard apparel that’s made domestically. It’s what you get when a “tech” approach is applied to soft goods, shunning the broken “forecasting” model offshore brands use. Everything is made to order, so there’s little waste. So much of what is wrong in the Outdoor industry is the forecasting cycle. Domestic product with flexible manufacturing process and direct-to-consumer distribution can run lean and offer a lot of value with their product. …

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Content Marketing as a Utility for Customers

Content Marketing is everywhere now. Brands use content to help keep followers engaged with them, keep customers in consideration mode, and to keep existing customers loyal to the brand. The trouble is, we’ve reached a point where the sheer volume of content has created so much noise that simply sharing content is not enough. For brands that are considering a Content Marketing strategy it’s important to clearly define the goals of doing before launching right in. A Utility Content strategy is highly recommended. If you look at the recent epidemic of false news from shady sources during the US Presidential election, where the goal was …

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